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Books and Publications

We have recently added three more books. Check out our sales page for more details.

Public Open Days

SGMRG Public Open Days at Oldwood Pit, attracting around 500 visitors. Our next open day will be in September 2018 (entry is FREE). You can also come along to any of our other events for £2.

Mining Exhibitions

SGMRG has a large collection of artefacts and display boards to show at exhibitions. Selected parts of our collection are out on display at Museums and other places around South Gloucestersire and Bristol several times a year. We have had exhibitions at Thornbury Museum, Yate Heritage Centre, Frenchay Village Museum, Poole Court and many other places.

The following photos show some of the artefacts that we can put on display.

We have a number of pre-prepared A1 size display boards covering both specific local mining sites and a variety of mining related topics. The majority are coal mining related, but we also have boards covering other types of local mineral extraction. Each board contains a carefully coordinated mixture of text and images to quickly convey the story to the reader. An example panel is shown below:

The list of boards is always growing and can be extended as required; for example if you have an exhibition on a specific site or subject, we can refer to our extensive library of information and create new display boards.

If you would like to get a closer look at a real coal mine and old mining artefacts, then come along to Oldwood Pit, which we open once a year to the pubic in September - see our events schedule. If you would like to get involved in archaeology, then join the SGMRG - we normally meet once or twice a month to dig or explore somewhere.

This exhibition is available for loan to local organisations at no cost. If you would like to loan our collection for display, please contact the Exhibitions Manager. We also frequently do lectures on a wide variety of subjects to interested local organisations.

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