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Lockstone's Quarry

By David Pollard

Besides the two underground quarries of Brookman's in Tormarton parish and Eyles/Turners near Crosshands in Old Sodbury parish, there were surface quarries in some of the surrounding fields.

An undated tracing of the Old Sodbury Tithe map of 1839 describes the 15 acre field adjoining Eyles Quarry on the south side as Quarry Piece, the field was occupied by William Arnold.

In February 1850 Sampson Lockstone, a mason of Old Sodbury agreed to rent a stone quarry in William Arnold's field at Tormarton called The "Upper Home Tyning" subject to the approval of His Grace the Duke of Beaufort. This agreement illustrates the small scale nature of freestone quarrying in South Gloucestershire, the term was for one year from Lady Day 1850 and the rent £15 a year, for which Lockstone could get and sell 4,000 cubic feet [113 cubic metres] of block stone a year. An extra rent of one penny per foot was to be paid for every foot of stone in excess of 4,000 cubic feet.

Sampson Lockstone had to compensate the tenant of the land, William Arnold, half yearly in advance for all damage which he shall sustain in consequence of the quarry. The area of the quarry including the haul road to it was not to exceed half an acre.

The ground had to be levelled at least once in every year (which suggests the quarrying agreement was renewed year after year), and the surface soil replaced. When quarrying was abandoned, the whole of the ground had to be properly levelled including the hauling way or road to the quarry. Hence these quarries have left little trace.

Quarrymasters and quarrymen:

Sampson Lockstone, born c1795 at Old Sodbury:
1851Stone MasonOn the Common, Little Sodbury
1861MasonOld Sodbury

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