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We now have a range of Sweatshirts, T-Shirts and Polo Shirts available for sale in our shop.

Books and Publications

We have recently added three more books. Check out our sales page for more details.

Public Open Days

SGMRG Public Open Days at Oldwood Pit, attracting around 500 visitors. Our next open day will be in September 2018 (entry is FREE). You can also come along to any of our other events for £2.


The following is a date ordered list of the major updates to this website. The aim of this list is to highlight any new (or significantly changed) pages to you, so that you can visit them if you choose. Updates to the 'events' page are not recorded here.
01/03/10Coal Mining updated
28/10/8Shop and Publications
7/04/8Kingswood Coal
16/11/7SGMRG Venue Maps
24/10/7Oldwood Open Day September 2007
31/07/7Photos - Black Country Museum July 2007
2/07/7Photos - Dramway Walk June 2007
2/07/7Local Coal Mining - Introduction page
23/06/7Photos - "Brogden", S Wales April 2007
22/06/7Photos - Tondu Visit June 2007
1/06/7Past Events
2/04/7Stone and subpages
1/03/7Website restarted

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