Books can be purchased from Roger Gosling, SGMRG Books, 51 Greenhill Road, Alveston, Bristol, BS35 3NA.  Cheques made payable to SGMRG.

Ring 01454 883607 if you are buying more than one book; as postage may be less than the total of the p&p shown for each book.  Also, ring if you would like to arrange to collect in person.




Title: Bevin Boy’s Sketch Book, by Keith Greenslade
Description: A personal account by Keith Greenslade of his times in the mines during WWII.
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Publisher: Driven by Steam
Date: 2007
Prince: £6.00 + £0.80 p&p
Total: £6.80


Brandy Bottom Colliery Historical Research Report, by Steve Grudgings
Description: Details of the restoration work carried out by the AIBT and the history of the Colliery.
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Publisher: Avon Industrial Buildings Trust.
Date: May 2013.
Prince:  £7.00 + £2.30 p&p.
Total: £9.30

Title: Bristol’s Forgotten Coalfield – Bedminster.
Description: This book by Maggie Shapland and Mike Taylor details the history of the Bedminster Coalfield, South Bristol. 
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Publisher: SGMRG.
Date: 2012.
Prince: £15.00 + £3.00 p&p
Total: £18.00

Title: Celestine
Description: Documents the history of Celestine mining in South Gloucestershire.
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Publisher: SGMRG.
Date: January 2013.
Prince: £5.00 + £1.70 p&p
Total: £6.70

Title: Frog Lane Colliery-Sixty Years ON
Description: Commemorating the closure of Frog Lane Colliery, the last deep pit in the Bristol coalfield.
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Publisher: SGMRG and Yate & District Heritage Centre.
Date: 2009.
Prince: £12.00 + £2.50 p&p
Total: £14.50

Title: Jarrit Smith’s 1751 Newcomen Engine
Description: Details of a Newcomen Engine at Coalpit Heath, Nr. Bristol.
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Publisher: SGMRG
Date: 2ns Ed. 2016.
Prince: £10.00 + £2.30 p&p.
Total: £12.30


Killed in a Coalpit: Lives of the Kingswood Colliers, by D. P. Lindergard.
Description: This book charts the accidents of the coal miners who worked at the historic Kingswood Colliery of South Gloucestershire. 
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Publisher: SGMRG.
Date: August 2016.
Prince: £15.00 + £3.50 p&p.
Total: £18.50


Kingswood Coal by Matt Southway, David Hardwick and Steve Grudgings.
Description: Details of Kingswood Coal-the coal mines in Bristol & South Gloucestershire.
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Publisher: Edited by SGMRG from original BIAS publications.
Date: May 2015, 5th edition, originally published 2008.
Prince:  £6.00 + £1.50 p&p.
Total: £7.50


Notes on an Old Colliery Pumping Engine 1791, by William Thomas Anderson
Description: Excerpt from the transactions of the Institute of Mining Engineers, vol.LII, part 4, pages 396-420 &423-445.
Publisher: Institute of Mining Engineers, London, England (1917).
Date: 1917, reprinted 2017.
Prince: £15.00 + £3.00 p&p.
Total: £18.00


The History and Industrial Archaeology of the Steam Engines of Coalpit Heath Colliery Company
Description: This book tells the story of the engines and the men that drove and maintained them.  It sets out to tell the technical, social, historical and archaeological stories of the stationary engines used by the Coalpit Heath Colliery Company between 1800 and 1949.
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Publisher: SGMRG.
Date: 2015.
Prince: £15.00 + £3.00 p&p
Total: £18.00

Title: Ten Years On
Description: The first ten years. A set of essays on different aspects of the Group.
Publisher: SGMRG.
Date: March 2012.
Prince: Free download (Download Link)
Total: £0.00