Notes on an Old Colliery Pumping Engine 1791

Paper Read Before Manchester Geological & Mining Society 1917

By William Thomas Anderson — Published by Institute of Mining Engineers, 1917

Reprinted version in 2017  (centenary of original publishing)  introduction  by  Steve Grudgings, 9 in  x  14 in (approx.)  i.e.  foolscap,  83  pages,  soft  bound.  This reprint is twice the page size of the original but uses a very similar typeface.

The book is based on the Pentrich Engine using original drawings and photographs (the latter enlarged for better detail). What is here is a fascinating study of a Newcomen Engine brought together by Steve Grudgings. Anyone with an interest in these Engines will find it an invaluable work

After an introduction by Steve. the main part is the article in the title, which, includes several full page photos and runs to 33 pages. This is followed by a discussion on the first part, running to 25 pages, again with some full page photos. These two parts were originally published in The Transactions of the Institute of Mining Engineers Vol.LII, part4 (pp 396 – 420 and 423 – 445).

These two parts are reprinted with permission of the IOM3, successor to the IME.  Next are three full pages of reproductions of an old drawing and two pages from an old document – reproduced and enlarged from the original article.  This is followed by 11 full pages of copies of the original Pentrich Engine Drawings.

Essential reading for anyone really keen on old stationary steam engines.