Kingswood Coal by Matt Southway, David Hardwick and Steve Grudgings.

Summary: Details of Kingswood coal mines in Bristol & South Gloucestershire.

Publisher: Edited by SGMRG from original BIAS publications. May 2015, 5th edition, originally published in 2008.

Price: £6.00 + £1.50 p&p.


36 pages of history and information about the coalfields in Bristol and South Gloucestershire, this book will tell you things you did not know. The main part of the book is in four sections, each with a detailed map.

1. From the Avon to Warmley

2. From Warmley to Nibley

3. The Bedminster Connection

4. Cromhall, Rangeworthy and Yate

These sections are followed by a list of Colliery-related sites with significant remains in 2008 (most of which are still extant), then an index of the pits referred to in the text with their map references. The book contains several previously unpublished photographs. This will help you spend many happy hours walking around some of the less well-known corners of South Gloucestershire.