KILLED IN A COALPIT: lives of the Kingswood Colliers by D. P. Lindegaard

(with technical assistance from Steve Grudgings)

Summary: Hardback 272 pages 234 x 156 mm (about 9in x 6in), including about 100 photos, drawings, diagrams and newspaper articles

Though the main theme of this hardback book concerns the accidents, fatal (and otherwise), which befell the coalminers who worked in the historic Kingswood (South Gloucestershire) Coalfield, it is hoped that through these tragic events, readers will have a real insight into the lives of the miners and their families and the conditions they endured.

The first edition of ‘Killed in a Coalpit’, a catalogue of all the information then available, was self-published as a photocopy by D.P. Lindegaard in the 1980s. The present volume, considerably enlarged and updated (and professionally published), is the direct result of the author’s chance visit to Oldwood Pits on a Heritage Open Day some years ago. She was surprised when the South Gloucestershire Mines Research Group archaeologists, who were running the show, had heard of ‘Killed in a Coalpit’ saying of the book, “no-one had ever done this before!” “It is an enormous understatement to state that I was thrilled with this reception,” she says and credits the encouragement she received then and since from SGMRG members, which has enabled ‘Killed in a Coalpit’ to be rescued from oblivion and updated. 

Selected chapter headings: The Underground Men, Collyers, Coleminers & Colecarryers, Development of Mining Technology in the Bristol Coalfield, Killed in a Coalpit, Some Lucky Escapes? Heroes, Children’s Employment Commission – 1841, A trip down the Pit – Easton Colliery – 1883, Colliers’ Tales, Survivors.

There is an extensive index plus a list of sources and abbreviations.

The whole book contains well over 2,000 miners’ names.

Publisher: SGMRG, 2016.

Price: £15.00 + £3.50 p&p.